Women Who Write Animals: Animal Alterities and their Creators in Anglophone Literature: An Ecofeminist Approach (GE 2022 CIGE/2021/153)

This project aims to continue the work carried out in “Angels of the ecosystem? A historical overview of the representation of animals in English-speaking female writers of the 20th century” (GV/2020/C/029) by addressing the question of how women write nature from an ecofeminist perspective, analysing the works of Anglophone female writers from the nineteenth century to the present. 

It is set within the framework of Anglophone literary studies and the theoretical framework of ecocriticism and, more specifically, ecofeminism, as well as other aspects of this discipline such as environmental humanities, environmental justice, posthumanism, ecophilosophy.

In order to recover the contributions of these writers and to review history, we will focus on analyzing the works of female voices who often dared to challenge the norms imposed by the society of their time and managed to make themselves heard. We focus on examining their role in reconstructing nature and more specifically in how they represent nonhuman animals and their relationship with them.


Lorraine Kerslake (IP) is a Senior Lecturer and holds a PhD in children’s literature and ecocriticism and teaches at Alicante University, Spain. She has worked as a translator of literary criticism, poetry and art and published widely on children’s literature and ecocriticism. +++

Gala Arias Rubio is Assistant Professor and holds a PhD in curriculum greening in Humanities degrees at University and teaches at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, currently she is also the coordinator of Grado en Traducción e Interpretación.  +++

Diana Villanueva is an Associate Professor (Profesora Contratada Doctora) at the English Department of the University of Extremadura, Spain. Her field of expertise is Anglophone.  +++

Irene Sanz Alonso is an Assistant Professor in the Department Modern Philology of the University of Alcalá. She has worked as an English teacher for the Spanish Ministry of Defence and as a secondary education teacher.  +++